Photograpy Equipment

Photography Equipment New/Used/Vintage

Are you looking for a camera to photograph your memories... or are you looking for something to hang on your wall or put in your collection..

For the college student looking for 35 mm, we have you covered. For the collector looking for that missing item, we have you covered. Check out a few of the items we have in stock below. Just because you don't see the picture doesn't mean we don't have it in stock.
Come and negotiate your very best price. 

Below are just a few of the items we have in stock.

Suggested Price-$148.00-(OBO)

Land Camera/Automatic 100

This late 40's Polaroid Land Camera is a beautiful piece for any collector. Priced at only $50 you can either add to your collection or start one today.


Don't miss this piece of photography memoralbilia.


Suggested Price-$35.00(OBO)

1950's Kodak Browning 8mm

Kodak Browning 8mm Movie Camera, made in the 1950's, is in wonderful shape for it's age. Still usable in some applications, this is a perfect piece to set on your desk or hang o the wall.

This very reasonably priced camera is a great starting place for any collector.

 Kodak EK100 Polaroid

Suggested Price-$35.00(OBO)

This reto Kodak Poloroid is all original and in very good condition. Made in the late 70's it uses PR 10 or PR 144. Great vintage piece and  definite collectors item.

Browning Hawkeye Camera Flash Model

Suggested Price-$299.00(OBO)

This Browning Hawkeye is in "like new" condition and in it's original box. A beauitful piece of photographic history. Priced to sell, this is a perfect edition for any collector.

Suggested Price-$95.00(OBO)

800 Polaroid Land Camera

1950's Polaroid Model 80 Land Camera. In perfect shape. This camera comes in it's original box and easily sets up for display.

Suggested Price-$299.00(OBO)

Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera

This Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera made in in the early 70's was one of photography's great innovations. In beautiful shape with original carrier case. This is a perfect edition for any collector. 

This camera still works and film can be purchased for this camera.