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Lots of gold, silver, diamonds, jade, turquoise, pearls, and
gems all beautifully displayed.

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Below are just a few of the items we have in stock.

Here at a Universal Pawn we have a wide variety of watches.

Suggested Price-Prices Vary

Check out our vintage, antique, and current watch. We carry all brands at all prices. We have the best prices in town and a selection of over 200 pieces of inventory.

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Suggested Price-$2500.00 (OBO)

Handmade Sapphire Diamond Ring

You can own this beautiful piece of Elegance at a very reasonable price.

9 grams of hand made 14 karat gold with baguettes, sapphires and round diamonds all wrapped up in this one-of-a-kind ring.

Come in today and make your very best deal

4.5 CTW Custom Made Ring

Suggested Price-$4300.00 (OBO)

This beautiful custom made 18 karat gold ring has 4.5 carats in 48 princess cut stones.

This is a handmade one-of-a-kind ring and appraised at $6,500.

Call today and make your very best deal

Suggested Price-$700.00 (OBO)

1.5 CTW Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Large diamond with a big inclusion. The inclusion can be lasered. This ring could be yours at a fraction of the cost.
engagement ring set with 2 baguettes as accents.

Mens 2 CTW Diamond Ring

Suggested Price-$3100.00 (OBO)

This beautiful 2 carat diamond ring can easily be yours.

Set in 14 karat gold these diamonds look great.

Don't forget about our layaway plan.

Come in today and make your very best deal

Gold Nugget Ring

Suggested Price-$475.00 (OBO)

This beautiful nugget ring set in 14 karat gold and nearly 10 is perfect for anyone's collection. Priced at $475 it's a steal.


Great for any occasion. Come in and make your best deal.

1 CTW Engagement Ring

Suggested Price-$1600.00 (OBO)

1/2 CTW (.50) center stone marquise. This beautiful stone is set with an additional 18 round stones totaling .50 CTW.
Total weight 1.00 CTW

1.5 Caret Custom Wedding Set

Suggested Price-$1600.00 (OBO)

Beautifully set princess cut diamonds in a 3 piece engagement/wedding ring. Come try it on today!

2.5 Caret 2.5 CTW Beautifully Set Wedding & Engagement ring

Suggested Price-$1800.00 (OBO)

Beautifully crafted with large diamonds. The perfect ring for the beginning of the perfect life or a wonderful way to renew our vows. It's all here waiting for you.

Gold Coin Ring

Suggested Price-$575.00 (OBO)

For those of you who have always wanted a gold coin ring, here it is.

Solid gold coin setting beautiful 14-karat gold nugget style ring. Nearly 10 G of 14 karat gold sets this ring apart from all others.

Come in today and make your very best deal. We are offering this ring at 575 or best offer

Engagment Ring 1.5 CTW

Suggested Price-$2800.00 (OBO)

1.00 CTW round center stone SI1-VS. Set with an additional
50 points of
baguettes and rounds.

Indian Head Ring

Suggested Price-$825.00 (OBO)

Here at Universal Pawn we have a large selection of Native American items.

This beautifully designed Indian head ring is just one of the many you will find on sale in our showroom. 

2.5 Karat White Gold Ring

Suggested Price-$3100.00 (OBO)

This beautiful 10 karat white gold ring has nearly 3 carats of
VS1 Stones

It's very unusual workmanship makes it one of the nicest rings in our shop.

Come try it on today and make your very best deal

4.5CTW Diamond Wedding Band

Suggested Price-$5200.00 (OBO)

This beautiful 14K white gold wedding set is 2 rings in one a little over 8 grams of white gold set with approximately 4.5 karets of diamonds. This beautiful rings could be yours for $5200.00 Come in today and make it yours.

Suggested Price-$375.00 (OBO)

Diamond and Sapphire Earrings

These beautiful earrings are expertly set with diamonds and sapphires. At 4.5 grams of 14KT White Gold they are a stunning addition to any jewelry box. Modestly priced at $375.00 they can be yours.


Come and make your very best deal 

Custom Diamond Hoop Earrings

Suggested Price-$4600.00 (OBO)

These beautiful handmade 14-karat white gold earrings are approximately 4 carats of diamonds and beautifully set.
Priced at $4,600 they can be your can be yours.

Come by to make your best deal.

Suggested Price-$5600.00 (OBO)

Custom Diamond Bracelet

 This 14 karat white gold bracelet is 14.6grams of gold and approximately 6 carats of diamonds
This stunning bracelet is only $5,600 and can be yours today.

Come by today to make your very best deal

Suggested Price-$595.00 (OBO)

Beautifully Crafted Jade Bracelet

Good Jade is very hard to find.

This beautifully crafted Jade bracelet is set with 14KT gold. Fine Jade has many qualities and is very hard to find. This piece everything you would to see in fine Jade and can be your for one $595.00.

Suggested Price-$425.00 (OBO)

10 karat diamond ring

At $425 this 10 karat diamond ring is a steel

Beautifully-crafted and diamonds wonderfully set.

A perfect addition for any collection

Come today and make your very best deal

Suggested Price-$4800.00 (OBO)

14k Geneve Watch

14k white gold band high polished into a 14k gold case. Swiss movement with a beautifully set diamond face and bezel. 
Very Elegant.

Suggested Price-$7100.00 (OBO)

7 CTW Custom Made Earrings

Fashion earrings, custom made, with beautifully set princess cut diamonds. All set in 18 caret white gold.

Suggested Price-$5300.00 (OBO)

Custom Made Cross Earrings

5 CTW, VS2 Stones. Beautifully set princess cut diamonds with 346 carefully set stones as accents. These custom made earring are one of a kind

Appraised at nearly $9000.00 more than seven years ago.

Suggested Price-$16,200.00 (OBO)

Custom 18CTW Set

18.6 CTW, VS1 Stones, handmade bracelet, necklace & earrings. Appraised at over 27,000.00.

One of a kind

Will sell separately


1 CTW (2X .50) Earrings

Suggested Price-$795.00 (OBO)

These beautiful earrings can be yours for a fraction of  the retail price.