No Problem!!!

Our expert jewelry specialist will ensure your jewelry is repaired with precision.

Need ring sized?

Chain Soldered?

Clasp Replaced?

Jewelry Repair?

Watch Repair?


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Quick & Easy Loans

At A-Universal Pawn you can borrow money TODAY on your valuables without having to sell them.

Simply said... If you think you might miss your special something or it has sentimental value, you can get your valuables back after you pay off your loan. The instant benefit of a loan, instead of selling your valuables, is that it allows us to get you some cash flow as often as you need it, without losing ownership in your treasures.


The other benefit of A-Universal Pawn is that you can get loans without "Credit Checks" or a "Lengthy Application Process"!

Since our loans are secured by your valuables, our quick application process does not require any financial disclosures

and A-Universal Pawn does not work with credit bureaus. So, getting a loan with AUP will never hurt your creditcredit. Additionally, you can extend your loan period without penalty as long as your payments are made.


We will work WITH YOU, not AGAINST YOU, on your repayment plans, A-Universal Pawn has no minimum or maximum loan periods as long as you are current on your payments. 

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday- Closed


A-Universal Pawn     (813) 933-8644     3911 W Waters Ave #16, Tampa, FL 33614